Family Relations of the Grenners in Lippe from the Generation X. to XV.



I.          Henrich Grenner had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. In 1833 Friedrich was born, who was to become a widely recognized preacher of the period of the enlightenment. A biography about him was published in 1933 by the “Bundesverlag”, Witten an der Ruhr, written by Richard Schmitz. In 1835 Simon was born who would later move to the industrial cities of the Ruhr with his brother Friedrich.

II.         Heinrich Grenner had five brothers and sisters. Directly borne after him was Emilie, in 1870. She married a Kuhlmann from the Steinegge and had seven children with him. In 1873 Marie was born who never got married; she managed her brother Friedrich’s household. Friedrich was born in 1877, became carpenter and founded his own shop in Lemgo. He got married in 1921 and had one child with is wife Luise, called Anneliese Grenner, born in 1921. In 1880 Karoline (Lina) was born, who married a Büschemann from Klüt close to Detmold and had eight childen with him. In 1882 the last one to be born was Auguste, a beautiful girl. She got married to a Schröder and had 2 children, Alma and Lilly.

III.       Otto had four brothers and sisters. The eldest brother Heinrich, heritor of the farm Grennerberg, was born in 1899, married Marie Christofelsmeier in 1930 and had three children with him: Annemarie, Lieselotte and Heinrich (Heinz). In 1900 Lina was born who married a Vieth in 1926. Their daughter Elsbeth was born in 1927. In 1901 Friedrich was born, who then married to Kükenbruch in 1924 and had a daughter called Marie. One year after the birth of his brother Otto, in 1903, Hugo saw the light of the earth. He married Erna Niederwinter from Hasebek. They had three children, Walter, Hugo and Erna. Otto made two master exams in the construction sector and later became Architect and entrepreneur in the construction industry. He moved to Silesia and married Else Hoffmann there. Their three children, Ruth, Irmgard and Bernd were born in 1931, 1938 and 1942 respectively. There is a biography about Otto Grenner. His wife Else had one sister, Hildegard Hoffmann, who was born in 1912. She got married to Heinz Weisser and had one son with him called Dieter Weisser.

IV.       Ruth Grenner, eldest sister of Bernd, married Rudolf Bruchmann, with whom she had their daughter Claudia. Irmgard married Wilhelm Neuser. They had three children, Martin, Bernd and Anne. The youngest of that generation, Bernd Grenner, married Dorit Holzschuh in 1966. They had the daughters Anja (1967) and Stefanie (1969). Dorit has two brothers and sisters: Karin, born in 1943 and Rainer Holzschuh, born in 1944. Karin married Jobst Wolfframm, with whom they have the children Mischa, Florian, Tobias and Katharina. Rainer married Annette Kater, they have 2 daughters: Franziska and Barbara.

IV.       Anja Grenner and Patrice Parmentier, of Belgian nationality, married in 2001; they live in Perl, Sarre at the Moselle river, close to the German-Luxembourgish-French border. Stefanie Grenner married Willibald Schwaiger in 1997. They live in Mügeln (Saxonia) with their children Pia (born in 1996), Felix (born in 1998), Timo (born in 2005) and Ella (born in 2007). Willibald Schwaiger originates in Bavaria, Bad Endorf, and has 6 brothers and sisters: Brigitte, Christof, Maria, Monika, Stefan and Hildegard.